Enhancing Lettuce Growth and Quality Through Integration of Semi-Translucent Organic Photovoltaic Panels in Greenhouse.
Min Sun a, Chieh-Ting Lin a
a National Chung Hsing University, Department of Chemical engineering, Taiwan
Poster, Min Sun, 078
Publication date: 24th October 2023

This work integrated a large-scale semi-translucent organic photovoltaic panel (ST-OPV) into the greenhouse structure, with each module measuring 37cm x 47cm. Two modules were used for the greenhouse roof. By reducing excessive light intensity, it provides a stable and appropriate photosynthetic light flux density (PPFD) between 200 m−2 s−1~600 m−2 s−1, which is suitable for lettuce growth. In environments with high light intensity, excessive absorption tends to result in low photosynthetic efficiency, particularly photosynthesis in photosystem 2, where photoinhibition occurs. According to the outdoor experiment, the average growth height of lettuce with ST-OPV was 8.09 cm , mass 1.84 g, leaf length 6.37 cm, and leaf width 3.04 cm. In contrast, lettuce grown under full sun (FS) control conditions had an average growth height of 4.15 cm , mass 0.5 g , leaf length 3.48 cm, and leaf width 1.61 cm. Besides the obvious advantages of shape difference in appearance, the survival rate and photosynthetic pigmentation of lettuce were enhanced. The total chlorophyll (Chl) and carotenoid (Car) concentrations of lettuce controlled with ST-OSC were 10.96 mg/L and 1.13 mg/L, while those of the lettuce controlled with FS were 7.93 mg/L for Chl and 0.85 mg/L for Car.

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