Enhancing Coverage Area of Perovskite Single-Crystal Solar Cells with Polypropylene Assisted Growth and Oxygen-Argon Plasma Treatment
Ting Ko Hsu a, Chieh Ting Lin a
a National Chung Hsing University, Department of Chemical engineering, Taiwan
Poster, Ting Ko Hsu, 079
Publication date: 24th October 2023

Perovskite single crystal shows more advantages in nature compare to polycrystalline perovskite, such as higher charge carrier mobility, lower trap density and longer carrier diffusion lengths than polycrystalline perovskite. However, the area of perovskite single crystal on HTL(hole transporting layer)-coating ITO (indium tin oxide) substrate is not fully covered as the polycrystalline perovskite solar cell process does. Therefore, we develop a new pathway to increase perovskite single crystal area on HTL-coating ITO substrate by using polypropylene (PP) as an upper covering plate during the growth of perovskite single crystal. The average ratio between perovskite single crystal area and HTL-coating ITO substrate by using PP is 52.7%, while the average ratio by using same HTL-coating ITO substrate as an upper covering plate is 24.99%. Besides, we use oxygen-argon plasma treatment to change the contact angle of ITO glass instead of UV-ozone treatment to reduce process time. The contact angle of HTL-coating ITO glass decreases rapidly from 71.79 to 62.97 only takes 10 sec for oxygen-argon plasma treatment on ITO glass, while UV-ozone treatment needs a few minutes to reach the same contact angle. The results show 30 sec oxygen-argon plasma treatment can reduce the process time and gain maximum area of perovskite single crystal at the same time. Eventually, we successfully fabricated a perovskite single-crystal solar cell, the short-circuit current density (Jsc), open-circuit voltage (Voc), and fill factor (FF) are 15.3 mA/cm2, 0.69 V, and 43.25 %, respectively, yielding a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 4.54 %.

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