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Eindhoven is a city in the province North Brabant and is with over 220,000 inhabitants the fifth largest city of the Netherlands.

Getting Around

Eindhoven has a very good bus service and you should have no problem in getting to your destination. As in the rest of the Netherlands, you will need to buy an ov-chipcaart to travel on the buses. These cards can then be loaded up with credit that you use to pay for your journey. Getting around the city by bicycle is a very good and easy option and they are usually cheap to hire for a day. But you should always remember to lock your bike when you leave it. There are many bicycle parks in Eindhoven. two of the most useful are the guarded bicycle parks in the middle of the city at 18 Septemberplein and Heuvegalerie.

Taxis are available both at the train station and at other taxi stands. if you would like to order a taxi, you can contact them by telephone, Taxibedrijf Cibatax BV +31 40 244 3333, Taxi Eindhoven +31 40 287 8287

Eindhoven Tourism

Although Eindhoven is not the first name that springs to mind for a holiday destination, with its modern industrial history, it is actually a very young and lively city. The fifth largest city in the Netherlands, it has a great cultural heritage and an exciting night life.

Museums And Landmarks

The Van Abbemuseum is one of the best contemporary art museums around. Displaying works by such artists as, Kandinski, Mondreaan, Appel, Chagall and Picasso, the museum has a collection to rival any of the best modern art museums, anywhere. The Historic Open Air Museum is an open air historical centre that charts local, daily life in and around Eindhoven. It has historical representations of life on a farm around the turn of the first millennium. It also has a reconstruction of an iron age village and a very impressive look into the past of Eindhoven.

Phillips First Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891, is an interesting reference to Endhoven’s past. Which started with their first lamp factory that quickly expanded, taking the city along with it to its current size. Phillips may have moved away now, but it should be remembered that it was almost entirely responsible for the growth of Eindhoven from a small village sized city, to the  thriving metropolis of over 200,000 people that it is today.

De admirant is a modern tower that is the pinnacle, at 105m, of the “Around the Admirant” shopping centre. The Evoluon  was built as a technology museum by Phillips. And the space ship style building remained as that until the 1980’s when it closed. It is now used, primarily, as a centre for conferences.

Shopping And Eating

De Heuvelgalerie is a shopping centre where you will find all of the best known brands and clothing stores that you would expect to find in a city the size of Eindhoven. Kruisstraat is a great street for those who like their shopping a little more international. There are many food shops here from all over the world. There is also a large market on Saturdays.

Eetcafe Bommel is a great reasonably priced student style cafe that serves soup and a main dish of the day for a low,set price. Cooks is a very friendly restaurant with good food at a reasonable price in comfortable surroundings.

Eindhoven is a great place for those that are looking for a holiday that does not rely on historical surroundings. there is plenty to do and many cultural events and festivals.

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