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PicoQuant is a worldwide leader in the field of single photon counting applications. The portfolio encompasses ps pulsed diode lasers, ultra fast time taggers, single photon sensitive detectors, time-resolved confocal and super-resolution fluorescence microscopes and fluorescence lifetime spectrometers. Over 125 people work for PicoQuant in Germany, USA and China.
Our laboratory robots, measurement devices and pilot production systems enable researchers around the world to accelerate the development of key technologies for the energy transition - from photovoltaics to fuel cells and batteries.
ESRF provides advanced materials characterisation for research both for academia and industry. Located in Grenoble, France and supported by 21 countries, it is the world’s first fourth-generation high-energy synchrotron.
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Its 43 X-ray laboratories excel at in situ/operando experiments with variations on micro- to nano-scale imagine, ultra high-speed and high-resolution imaging and combinations of techniques such as tomography with contrast provided by X-ray fluorescence or diffraction scattering. High-throughput services also exist for chemical/mineral characterisation using powder diffraction or XRF, starting from batches of 300 samples. Through the EU project ReMade@ARI, ESRF offers free materials characterisation with expert assistance for research into circular materials and recycling processes.

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