March 6th - 10th, 2023 | Palacio de Congresos, València


Materials for Sustainable Development Conference


MATSUS will consist on a forum for directing the knowledge and tools of science and technology of advanced materials to contribute to solve major problems of society. After five years of tradition, in this edition we will go one step further by bringing together research and industry to achieve the same goal: sustainability.



This year MATSUS will start with STECH, the Sustainable Technology Forum València. This forum will be focused on the industrial application in areas like clean energy transition, sustainable chemistry and circularity, expansion of photovoltaics and green vehicles.



MATSUS Symposia
  • Fundamental strategies to design new electrocatalysis
  • Mechanistic understanding
  • In situ and Operando Analyses
  • Molecular, inorganic, reticular, biologic and hybrid catalytic systems
  • International perspectives on sustainable energy
  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen conversion
  • Green environment: Gas reforming, greenhouse gas mitigation by hydrogen, gasification processes
  • Earth abundant materials
  • Aqueous batteries
  • Electrolytes and interphases/interfaces for post-lithium energy storage
  • Metal-air Batteries
  • Novel methods for materials recycling, including but not limited to direct recycling
  • Optoelectronics applications
  • Technological feasibility. Materials processes and fabrication
  • Perovskite materials fundamentals
  • Frontier phenomena
  • Photophysics of 2D & bulk 3D halide perovskites
  • Photophysics of perovskite nanocrystals, rods, platelets
  • Optoionics & halide migration
  • Defect photophysics & photochemistry
  • Synthesis of novel 2D perovskite phases
  • Challenges in film growth
  • Structure-property relationships: strain, light emission, ferroic behavior, photophysics
  • Applications: light emission, quantum information, random-access memory, photodetection, solar cells
  • Development of highly efficient organic solar cells molecules
  • Stability of organic solar cells
  • Upscaling of solar cell devices
  • Novel application areas for organic solar cells
  • Rational design and synthesis approaches
  • New insights on materials growth and properties
  • Theory and computational studies on electronic structure and defects
  • New phenomena: photoferroelectrics, ultrathin nanocrystal absorbers
  • Electrical characterization: From frequency-domain to time transient methods
  • Understanding charge transport and recombination
  • Dynamical behavior of advanced materials
  • Ab initio molecular dynamics analysis
  • Elucidating the dominant role of energetic disorder in optoelectronic devices
  • Nanocrystal synthesis: Composition, morphology, heterostructues, assembly, dispersion control, and mechanisms
  • Nanocrystal surface chemistry: Fundamental properties and targeted function
  • Nanocrystal properties: New insights from spectroscopy, theory, and simulation
  • Nanocrystal applications
  • Chemical design of nanomaterials: Advanced synthetic routes, experimental and theoretical studies
  • Interactions in nanomaterials: Chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials, interphases, and surfaces
  • Application of nanomaterials: the road ahead for nanotechnology and the key role of chemistry in engineering of better materials
  • Fundamental science of 2D nanomaterials & new 2D nanomaterials
  • Electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of 2D nanomaterials
  • Spectroscopy and microscopy of 2D nanomaterials. Theory and simulation of 2D nanomaterials
  • Quantum transport, magnetism, and spintronics
  • Light-matter interactions
  • Self-assembly and cooperative phenomena
  • Fabrication and investigation of topological materials
  • 2D van der Waals magnetic materials
  • Theory and simulations of field-matter interactions and their applications
STECH Speakers

Daniel Campo

Commercial Director at Basf

Ignasi Cañagueral

Chief Executive Officer at Dow

Olivia Estrella

General Secretary at AVI

Ruben Folgado

General Manager at Messer

Pedro Fresco Torralba

Specialist in energy markets

Ricardo Olalla Guerra

Vice-President Sales Quality Mobility Solutions at Bosch 

Ungyu Paik

Professor of Energy Engineering at Hanyang University, South Korea
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