Call for Symposia

nanoGe Fall Meeting (#NFM) is a yearly event organized by Fundació Scito, composed of multiple scientific symposia. Here we invite the scientific community to present proposals for nanoGe Fall Meeting 2021, which will be celebrated on 2021 October 24-29. The venue will be NH Conference Center Eindhoven, Koningshof.


The symposia are conceived to form an exciting, interdisciplinary event that attracts key players of the respective fields as organizers, invited speakers and participants. nanoGe very much takes diversity into account when putting conferences together: from gender to geographical diversity and senior researchers vs. young-and-upcoming ones that will raise fresh ideas to their field.

This Call for Symposia will be open until 2019 December 2nd.


Each symposium will take a maximum of 3 full days, with maximum 6 invited talks per day. Exceeding Invited Speakers will be considered as reserve.

The exact dates for each symposium will be decided by Fundació Scito attending to the interest in the topic measured by the number of submitted abstracts and the success of past editions. Fundació Scito will do its best to schedule each symposium in the most convenient dates and will take into consideration any comment or request from the organizers but will not get any compromise a part for organizational reasons. It is possible to suggest coordination of symposia at the level of programming but organizers must note that each symposium must be treated separately.


How to send a proposal?

Please read the general instructions. You will need to prepare a number of informations, and submit via the form at the end of this page. You will find at your disposal an example of the proposal form.

If you want to propose a symposium that was already celebrated in the past, please contact us in advance at


Registration fees

Registration fee is determined by Fundació Scito and will be common to all symposia. An early bird discount will be offered until oral deadline. All participants will be required to register through nanoGe website according to the fee available at the moment of registration. Fees will not be modified unless major reasons due to unforeseen circumstances. Organizers and Invited Speakers have a reduced fee for full attendance. Invitation to more than one symposium does not waive registration fee.

Funds and sponsors

Each symposium in #NFM receives an initial budget of 500 Euro that can be assigned to cover invited speakers travel expenses or to improve the quality of each symposium (not honorarium).

In case the Organizers promote directly the participation of industries and sponsors, the 50% of the raised funding (not including delegates registration) will be added to the budget of the symposium. Other schemes of distribution of sponsor’s income will not be considered.


General Organizers

nanoGe Fall Meeting General Organizers have the authority to accept or decline proposals and contents. Scientific decisions-making, common to all the symposia, will be decided by General Organizers.


Are you ready?

Download this example of the proposal form


Send your proposal
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